The 20 Best Chocolates for Valentine’s Day (2024)

The 20 Best Chocolates for Valentine’s Day (1)

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that demandschocolate. It can be a gesture of your love and appreciation for your special Valentine, or it can also be a reminder that you can indeed treat yourself to gourmet goodness.

There’s such a wide variety of chocolate out there, and we've gathered some for every taste and every wallet. It’s the Day of Love, and we all should indulge in the very best way we can. Bonbons,truffles, cordials, and even caramels: It’s all glorious and ready to gift or devour.

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Godiva Gold Gift Box

The 20 Best Chocolates for Valentine’s Day (2)

Godiva chocolates and Valentine's Day go hand-in-hand, and this is the perfect little box that won't break the bank. The gold box is tied up with a classic red ribbon and filled with four signature chocolates in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate, including Dark Caramel Embrace, Dark Ganache Bliss, Milk Praliné Heart, and Raspberry Star. This box is perfect for anyone you want to share the love with this year.

Chocolate Type: Milk, dark, white | Number of Pieces: 8 - 140 | Flavors: Chocolate ganache, caramel, praline, almond, raspberry, more (assorted flavors may vary)

Seattle Chocolate Chocolate Truffles Heart Box

The 20 Best Chocolates for Valentine’s Day (3)

Skip the store-bought chocolate box this Valentine's Day and wow your sweetheart with this stunning heart-shaped box from Seattle Chocolate. It contains 4 ounces of assorted chocolate truffles, including milk chocolate, salted almond, blackberry crème, and dark sea salt toffee. The box was designed by a Seattle-based artist, and 10 percent of net profits from your purchase goes to charity. It's a win-win.

Chocolate Type: Milk, dark, white | Number of Pieces: Approximately 12 | Flavors: Salted almond, blackberry crème, sea salt toffee

These little chocolate bees are absolutely adorable! The caramelized honey filling is made from basswood honey taken from a family apiary in Pennsylvania, and it's enclosed in a chocolate shell crafted by hand then painted to look like a little bee with yellow and black cocoa butter.

Honey-lovers will crave these chocolates, and of course, you can always add a handwritten card that says, “Will you Bee mine?” It comes with nine darling bees in a sweet yellow box.

Chocolate Type: Dark | Number of Pieces: 9 | Flavor: Caramelized honey

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Stick With Me Sweets Bonbon Box

The 20 Best Chocolates for Valentine’s Day (5)

Stick With Me Sweets is the dreamchild of Susanna Yoon, former pastry chef at Michelin three-star restaurant Per Se in New York City. From her small shop in Soho, she and her team craft an amazing range of chocolates from the finest ingredients sourced ethically from around the world.

The flavors? Amazing. While they do vary, some include: Bananas foster, raspberry rose, guava passion fruit, matcha green tea, and yuzu! It's truly an exquisite experience in love and chocolate. There's also an option to select an assortment of nut-free or gluten-free bonbons.

Chocolate Type: Milk, dark, white | Number of Pieces: 12 | Flavors: (Assorted flavors may vary) Bananas foster, raspberry rose, guava passion fruit, matcha green tea, yuzu

Russell Stover Double Sequin Heart

The 20 Best Chocolates for Valentine’s Day (6)

Russell Stover took a V-Day classic and made it glam. This box of assorted chocolates is covered in red and gold sequins that are as stunning as they are fun to play with. Inside the heart-shaped box is a variety of milk and dark chocolates, with flavors including caramel, peanut cluster, truffle, strawberry cream, nut caramel, vanilla cream, pecan, and buttercream.

Type of Chocolate: Milk and dark | Number of Pieces: 8 | Flavors: Caramel, peanut cluster, chocolate truffle, strawberry cream, nut caramel, vanilla cream, pecan, butter cream

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Ethel M Cherry Cordial Collection

The 20 Best Chocolates for Valentine’s Day (7)

These gourmet chocolates from Ethel M are stunning. Each contains an Italian Marasca cherry soaked in premium brandy and enrobed in a dark chocolate shell. The result is an eye-catching, deep red candy with a charming swirl on top. The collection contains 12 pieces total, presented in a sleek red box and wrapped in a silky red ribbon.

Type of Chocolate: Dark | Number of Pieces: 12 | Flavor: Brandied cherry

Milk Bar Red Velvet Cheesecake Truffle Box

The 20 Best Chocolates for Valentine’s Day (8)

Not all Valentine’s Day chocolates have to be candies. This fabulous set of cheesecake truffle bites from Milk Bar feature a dozen red velvet cheesecake truffles filled with chocolate chips and covered in red velvet crumbs. These are ideal for sharing after a romantic dinner or during a get-together with your loved ones. Plus, you get to choose the delivery date, so you can be sure the gift will arrive by February 14.

Chocolate Type: Cocoa | Number of Pieces: 12 | Flavor: Red velvet cheesecake

FTD Chocolate Hearts

The 20 Best Chocolates for Valentine’s Day (9)

Normally nobody wants a broken heart on Valentine’s Day, but these treats from FTD are the exception to the rule. The Belgian chocolate hearts are meant to be broken open with a small wooden mallet. Inside are chocolate chips and little chocolate gems. There are four hearts total, decorated in icing, sprinkles, a heart shape, or a cute XOXO. It’s certainly a fun and interactive dessert that puts a twist on the traditional chocolate heart.

Chocolate Type: Dark, milk | Number of Pieces: 4 | Flavor: Chocolate

FTD Love in Technicolor

The 20 Best Chocolates for Valentine’s Day (10)

Sometimes it can be nice to spell out how much you love someone. These chocolate-covered Oreos from FTD are decorated with a colorful topper: either a heart shape or letter that spells out “LOVE.” There are 12 Oreos total, eight of which are covered in dark chocolate; the remaining four are cloaked in milk chocolate.

Type of Chocolate: Milk, dark | Number of Pieces: 12 | Flavor: Cookies and cream

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Olive & Cocoa Chocolatier Sweets

The 20 Best Chocolates for Valentine’s Day (11)

Chocolate is an endlessly versatile sweet, and this gift box from Olive & Cocoa proves it. The medium crate includes ten types of chocolate treats and caramels for good measure. There are milk chocolate malt balls, chocolate almond toffees, chocolate-covered raisins, chocolate coconut clusters, milk and white chocolate peanut clusters, milk and white chocolate-covered toffees, chocolate-drizzle sandwich cookies, and chocolate-covered caramel squares.

The large crate doubles the amount of everything, though there is a petite option as well if you want to send a smaller gift.

Type of Chocolate: Dark, milk, white | Number of Pieces: (Petite): 6 bags, (Medium): 10 bags | Flavors: Malt, almond toffee, chocolate raisin, coconut clusters, peanut clusters, toffee, caramel, cookies and cream, chocolate-covered caramel

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Compartés I Love You Gift Box

The 20 Best Chocolates for Valentine’s Day (12)

Valentine’s Day is a time to give the gift of luxury to your significant other or loved ones. This stunning set of gourmet chocolates from Compartés, the limited edition I Love You gift box, comes with 20 chocolate squares, eight of which spell out the heartfelt message of “I Love You.” The other chocolates are splattered with red, purple, and pink colors that make each one an artsy masterpiece.

Type of Chocolate: Dark | Number of Pieces: 20 | Flavor: Chocolate ganache

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Compartés Chocolate Heart Gift Box

The 20 Best Chocolates for Valentine’s Day (13)

If you want a classic-yet-chic chocolate gift for your Valentine, check out Compartes’ nine-piece collection. The chocolate squares are beautifully presented in a Valentine-themed box. Decorated with pink and red hearts, each chocolate is filled with strawberry or raspberry centers for a pop of bright flavor that matches the vibrant colors. These bonbons are certainly the height of luxury your loved ones deserve.

Type of Chocolate: Dark | Number of Pieces: 9 | Flavors: Strawberry, raspberry

M&Ms Teddy Bear Gift Box

The 20 Best Chocolates for Valentine’s Day (14)

The best gifts come with a personal touch, and this adorable gift box from M&Ms allows you to customize just about everything. Not only can you pick up to three colors (from a selection of 20), you can also add cute icons, short phrases, and upload images to be printed on the candy shell. In addition to the teddy bear shape, M&Ms also has gift boxes shaped like hearts, a love letter, or a champagne bottle.

Type of Chocolate: Milk | Number of Pieces: 7.5 ounces (about 8 servings) | Flavor: Chocolate candy

Shari's Berries Sweetly Sprinkled Gourmet Dipped Berries

The 20 Best Chocolates for Valentine’s Day (15)

Few gifts are more iconic for Valentine's Day than chocolate-dipped strawberries. If you want to get your sweetheart this classic confection, look no further than Shari's Berries. The Sweetly Sprinkled Gourmet Dipped Berries set in particular is great for the holiday. Some of the berries are dipped in white chocolate, then covered with red, white, and pink sprinkles. Other berries have a gorgeous red drizzle on the chocolate coating. Last, but certainly not least, there are dipped strawberries covered in chocolate chips for double chocolaty goodness.

Type of Chocolate: Milk, white | Number of Pieces: 6, 12, 24 | Flavor: Chocolate-covered strawberry

andSons LOVE Chocolate Box

The 20 Best Chocolates for Valentine’s Day (16)

The best chocolates are a work of art in both flavor and design. andSons has a myriad of eye-catching confections perfect for Valentine's Day, including this LOVE Chocolate Box. The heart-shaped treats all feature floral flavors, including lychee and hibiscus honey, while the square-shaped bonbons have more savory tastes, such as coffee toffee and hazelnut praline. The collection was created in collaboration with an LA artist, and a portion of the proceeds go towards helping non-profits.

Type of Chocolate: Dark, milk | Number of Pieces: 12, 24, 36 | Flavors: Lychee, pineapple matcha, hibiscus honey, pistachio rose, Irish cream candied walnuts, coffee toffee, PB&J, cacao nib almond praline, hazelnut praline

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Harry & David Lava Cakes

The 20 Best Chocolates for Valentine’s Day (17)

Not all Valentine's Day chocolate has to come in candy bar form. Chocolate lava cakes are a rich and indulgent treat, worthy of a romantic V-Day celebration. Just warm them up and these moist cakes will ooze with one of three delectable fillings: caramel, chocolate, or raspberry. Each cake is three ounces—an ideal little dessert after a nice dinner.

Type of Chocolate: Cocoa | Number of Pieces: 8 | Flavors: Chocolate, caramel, raspberry

zChocolat Romantic 12-Piece

The 20 Best Chocolates for Valentine’s Day (18)

What's more romantic than French chocolate? How about heart-shaped French chocolates? This truly luxurious 12-piece collection comes with four different flavors. The dark chocolate Mystique heart is filled with ganache infused with hazelnut praline. The bright ruby red hearts, appropriately called Amore, have a ginger praline filling. The Toquade chocolate hearts come with a white shell and is filled with vanilla ganache. Last, the Suprême is milk chocolate with a rich hazelnut praline filling. There are also a number of customization options, ranging from personalized messages to gift wrap to ornaments.

Type of Chocolate: Dark, milk, white | Number of Pieces: 12 | Flavors: Ganache with hazelnut praline, ginger praline, Piedmont hazelnut praline, white ganache with vanilla

André’s Confiserie Suisse Champagne Truffles

The 20 Best Chocolates for Valentine’s Day (19)

For well over 68 years, André's Confiserie Suisse has made delightful chocolate creations in the style of Swiss chocolatiers. Also known as André's Chocolates, the family-run company has an extensive Valentine's Collection that would impress any lucky recipient. The Champagne Truffles, for example, consist of both dark and white chocolate ganache that's infused with cognac and cherry brandy for a deep and complex flavor. The truffles are brushed with bright gold leaf for a stunning finish.

Type of Chocolate: Dark, white | Number of Pieces: 6 | Flavors: Dark chocolate ganache infused with cognac and cherry brandy

Old Time Candy Chocolate Roses Bouquet

The 20 Best Chocolates for Valentine’s Day (20)

Roses and chocolate: two iconic staples of Valentine's Day. This edible bouquet combines the best of both worlds. The foil-wrapped roses are hollow Belgian milk chocolate, and the stems are wrapped in a beautiful ribbon. You can order a minimum of six and a maximum of a dozen roses. What's extra nice about these chocolatey flowers is that you get to pick the color of the foil. Pick from classic Valentine's colors like red, pink, and white, or give your sweetheart a bundle of their favorite colors. There's even a vibrant rainbow foil.

Type of Chocolate: Milk | Number of Pieces: 6-12 | Flavor: Milk chocolate

Bake Me a Wish Classic Chocolate Truffle Gift Box

The 20 Best Chocolates for Valentine’s Day (21)

Ah, there's nothing wrong with a true classic. Bake Me a Wish has a collection of gourmet chocolate truffles with a range of classic flavors, including caramel, coffee, hazelnut, and more. Each of the 15 truffles is topped with beautiful drizzle or crumb decorations for a pop of color.

Type of Chocolate: Dark, milk, white | Number of Pieces: 15 | Flavors: Caramel, amaretto, coffee, hazelnut, tiramisu, butter pecan and champagne

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What to Look for in Chocolates for Valentine's Day


Chocolate that is freshly made and has cocoa as one of the first listed ingredients is better-quality chocolate. Candy specially packaged for this holiday is usually the freshest.


Your special Valentine deserves their favorite kind of chocolate for this romantic holiday. Truffles, chocolates filled with assorted fillings, chocolate-covered strawberries, or decadent bonbons—whatever their ultimate desire of a chocolate treat is, indulge them and you'll make their day.


There are different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs for the packaging of Valentine's Day chocolates. From the traditional red heart box to boxes with favorite beloved characters on them to a box tied with a pretty bow, special-shaped bouquets of chocolates, and more, choose the one that best suits that special person in your life.

Shipping Information

When it comes to sending edible gifts through the mail, it always pays to look closely at the shipping information. How quickly will your gift be delivered? Do you get to pick the exact date or are you given an estimated delivery at checkout? Is there an overnight delivery option? It’s worth asking all these questions and finding the shipping options that work out best for both you and the recipient. After all, nobody wants to eat stale or melted chocolate. Try to aim for shorter delivery times or companies that make their goodies the day-of or day-before shipping out.


Are there different kinds of chocolate?

Absolutely! There's the ever-popular milk chocolate, rich dark chocolate, and creamy white chocolate—which frequently gets color added to create fun designs. Gift boxes in particular often come with a variety of different types, so there's sure to be something that tickles your loved one's fancy.

Do chocolate and Champagne go well together for Valentine's Day?

Rich, luscious chocolate and bubbly, nose-tickling Champagne pair very well and are popular gifts on one of the most romantic days of the year.

How long does chocolate candy last?

Check the label on the box of candy to see its expiration date. A rule of thumb is to keep all chocolate varieties—milk, white, and dark—for up to 10 months. Filled or special-type chocolates, such as truffles, should be eaten within three to four months.

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The 20 Best Chocolates for Valentine’s Day (2024)
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