30 Financial Website Designs to Inspire You (2024)

In today’s digital age, having a well-designed website is an essential part of success for any business. Financial institutions, in particular, need to be sure that their website design conveys trustworthiness and reliability.

30 Financial Website Designs to Inspire You (1)

Several factors go into designing a well-crafted financial website including visual appeal, ease of navigation, and valuable content. The best financial website designs provide a simple interface combined with great visual design and plenty of useful resources for their visitors.

But every website design requires a little inspiration. So, we’ve compiled a list of 33 top-notch financial website designs to get you started.

Well-Designed Financial Websites

  1. Consensys
  2. Wyre
  3. Butter Payments
  4. CyberCube
  5. Paytient
  6. Yuga
  7. Vouch
  8. Flowcarbon
  9. Bilt Rewards
  10. Stavvy
  11. Poolit
  12. Citigroup
  13. Bank of America
  14. Gordon Brothers
  15. Startup Wiseguys
  16. Fidelity
  17. 3Commas
  18. Float
  19. Save
  20. SpaceFund
  21. My Cashline
  22. Zopa
  23. Trading 212
  24. JPMorgan Chase
  25. Evertas
  26. CIBC
  27. Allica
  28. Zip
  29. Atom Bank
  30. SwissBorg

1. Consensys

30 Financial Website Designs to Inspire You (3)

If you’re looking for a sleek and modern website design that still manages to pack in a lot of information, you’ll want to check out Consensys. The homepage features a large banner image with an overlaid menu, making it easy to navigate the site. Below the fold, you’ll find an overview of the company’s services, followed by featured blog posts.

What we like: The blog posts are where the Consensys site really shines. Web3 is still a new and confusing topic for many. The site’s blog makes the subject matter feel more accessible.

2. Wyre

30 Financial Website Designs to Inspire You (4)

This website has a simple, straightforward design that makes it easy to use. The homepage features a brief explanation of what the website does, along with a sign-up form for smooth conversions.

Because the website design is simplistic, the few design elements on the page truly stand out. For example, the home page mixes two unique fonts. While mixing-and-matching fonts is often discouraged. However, on a simplistic page, the use of fonts keeps readers engaged.

What we like: The website uses videos across the homepage. This movement increases the site’s visual appeal. If you design your site with muted colors and lots of blank space, video elements can help keep visitors engaged.

3. Butter Payments

30 Financial Website Designs to Inspire You (5)

Butter Payments is a website that allows users to make and receive payments online. The website has a simple, clean design that makes it easy to navigate. The homepage and navigation are packed with different calls-to-action (CTAs) so users can be converted across different messaging.

Our favorite element of the site's home page is the slider featured prominently in the top right. Visitors can move a slider and see how payment failures have impacted their business. Interactivity helps set your website apart. This slider also makes a case for why visitors need the service.

Pro tip: Find ways to make your website interactive. CSS card animations and animations on scroll give your clients a way to click, proactively learning more about your business.

4. CyberCube

30 Financial Website Designs to Inspire You (6)

Unless you’re a bank or a credit card company, likely your services are not physical products. Instead of showing pictures of what you sell, you’ll need to represent more abstract concepts. CyberCube makes use of icons and art to demonstrate its services.

CyberCube offers cyber risk analytics to its clients. To represent the importance of security, their banner image evokes the image of a cyber cloud with people standing nearby.

Icons are also used across the home page to represent different services. An outstretched hand holding a check represents insurers. A computer with charts represents analytics.

Pro tip: If you don’t have a physical product, you have the opportunity to leverage artistic representation. Find an artist whose style you like to guide your site.

5. Paytient

30 Financial Website Designs to Inspire You (7)

Many people begin researching financial services on Google. Just because they click into your site doesn’t mean they know who you are and what you do.

Paytient uses its home page as an educational opportunity. The health insurance management company Paytient evokes dictionary imagery to describe what they do. The large yellow text pulls readers in and shares a brief overview of the business.

Next to the definition, the visitor can read the smaller text to learn more about the brand.

Not every company has a catchy name like Paytient. However, you should always find a way to explain your offering on the home page.

What we like: Under the definition that site offers social proof of other brands that use Paytient. Use your roster of clients to your advantage and build trust with visitors.

6. Yuga

30 Financial Website Designs to Inspire You (8)

Animations can help your site stand out from the rest. If you have a web team with the right CSS, Java, and HTML chops, you can create a truly interactive experience for your users.

Take a look at Yuga’s website for inspiration. If you click the about section, you’ll be guided to an interactive timeline. Different elements move and slide across the screen as you scroll.

For a Web3 company, staying on the cutting edge is important. This sleek, futuristic design helps reinforce the brand’s futuristic image.

What we like: The homepage is immediately engaging — it opens with a responsive video that creates an effect as you move your mouse over the screen.

7. Vouch

30 Financial Website Designs to Inspire You (9)

Vouch is a full-service insurance solution for scaling technology companies. Their website has a clean design, using a limited color palette.

Remember: Too many clashing colors can leave users’ heads spinning. Vouch opts for mainly neutral tones — beige, black, and gray. This helps its accent color, aqua, really stand out.

What we like: A support chat box is readily available at the bottom of the screen but doesn’t automatically pop up in an intrusive way. This gives the user the power to learn more about the brand.

8. Flowcarbon

30 Financial Website Designs to Inspire You (10)

Your website is about more than just explaining what you do. It’s also an opportunity to showcase why your work matters.

Flowcarbon is a website that provides information and resources on carbon trading and finance. The site includes a blog, a news section, and a resource library.

Flowcarbon knows that its users care about the environment. They’re likely to want to know the latest news about sustainability efforts in finance, making these sections a smart move.

What we like: The website design is visually engaging and perfectly aligned with the brand, so users understand the purpose of the site as soon as they land on it.

9. Bilt Rewards

30 Financial Website Designs to Inspire You (11)

When building a website, keep your layout simple. Bilt Rewards acts as a perfect example.

The banner image on the homepage takes up one full column. It features a gif that switches words out automatically, allowing the website to convey its message quickly and effectively. There’s one simple CTA button, making the intended user action obvious.

The rest of the home page has two columns. On one side, there is an image. On the opposite, information. The placement of images and text switches every row.

While this layout is simple, it’s intuitive. The visitor’s eyes seamlessly follow the flow of information.

What we like: Rewards systems keep your customers coming back for more. That’s why Bilt Rewards puts its loyalty program front and center. That includes a points system that allows users to earn rewards for using the site.

10. Stavvy

30 Financial Website Designs to Inspire You (12)

Stavvy is a digital mortgage platform. Their site includes a blog that provides financial tips and information. However, before users access this information, they land on the home page with an introductory video.

This simple animation discusses Stavvy’s purpose and how they make the process of securing a mortgage easy. If you offer a complex product, a simple video can explain a lot.

What we like: The website uses pop-ups as you move to close the site offering free resources such as helpful webinars.

11. Poolit

30 Financial Website Designs to Inspire You (13)

When it comes to building a website, remember to make the most of blank space. Too many elements cluttered together create confusion. Visitors won’t know where to look next.

The first thing that stands out about the Poolit website is its modern and clean design. The layout is easy to navigate, making the most of empty space. Your eye automatically moves toward graphs and CTAs.

Overall, the design quickly clarifies what the website is all about and how to use it.

What we like: The website uses lots of white space and color contrasts to clearly define sections and make the content easy to digest.

12. Citigroup

30 Financial Website Designs to Inspire You (14)

When it comes to the design of financial websites, Citigroup is one of the leaders in the industry. Their website is clean and modern, focusing on simplicity and ease of use.

The homepage features a large slider that rotates through various content blocks, highlighting different features of their products and services. Below the slider is a clear CTA to learn more about their credit card offerings.

What we like: The website uses plenty of vibrant colors and imagery.

13. Bank of America

30 Financial Website Designs to Inspire You (15)

When it comes to online banking, Bank of America has one of the best websites in the business. The site is easy to navigate, with all the features and information you need clearly laid out and available right from the homepage.

While the website has a slightly busier design than others, it provides plenty of useful resources for personal financing and investing. For example, let’s look at the page above.

Someone in search of a credit card can see their options right away. They’ll know that they’re already in the right place.

What we like: The login window is above the fold on the homepage rather than hidden away, so users don’t have to navigate any further to access their accounts.

14. Gordon Brothers

30 Financial Website Designs to Inspire You (16)

Gordon Brothers provides a broad range of financial products from appraisals and investing to intellectual property management. But they’ve still managed to put together a website that makes it easy for users to quickly understand what they do.

The company puts case studies right on the home page to help demonstrate its wide range of services. When a visitor hovers over a case study image, a short summary of the page appear. This use of basic CSS animation helps keep the page interactive.

What we like: The homepage hero moves as a gallery to provide important information and CTAs up front.

15. Startup Wiseguys

30 Financial Website Designs to Inspire You (17)

Don’t just say you can make an impact. Show website visitors your reach. Startup Wiseguys offers a great role model.

This site provides resources for entrepreneurs trying to raise money for their businesses. The site includes a database of over 4,000 investors and a directory of startup accelerators and incubators.

Startup Wiseguys uses social proof on its home page to show the company’s reach. A map made up of dots in the brand’s color illustrates that they can help anyone around the world.

What we like: The site uses imagery from accelerator events to showcase their past successes and engage visitors.

16. Fidelity

30 Financial Website Designs to Inspire You (18)

While it’s not the most modern design on this list, the Fidelity website is a great example of how to cater to existing customers and new website visitors alike. The site navigation is clear and concise, with a login button readily available on the homepage.

What we like: Halfway down the homepage is a table that showcases the value Fidelity customers experience in comparison to their competitors.

17. 3Commas

30 Financial Website Designs to Inspire You (19)

3commas.io is a website that helps users manage their crypto portfolio. The site also provides lots of interactive tools, including a budgeting tool, a debt payoff calculator, and a credit card payoff calculator.

Interactive elements are not only helpful, they also help keep visitors on your page longer. If your company has a blog, consider featuring interactive content. That can be finance quizzes, personal finance calculators, or stock trading simulators.

What we like: Interactive tools and a blog helps make crypto more accessible for potential users.

18. Float

30 Financial Website Designs to Inspire You (20)

Most websites have all of the content loaded as soon as you open the page. However, as you scroll down Float’s website it loads as you move along. Different animations also start playing once you pass different points on the screen.

We’ve said it before in this piece, but movement prevents websites from feeling boring. Animations activated or loaded on scroll are becoming more popular in web design. Incorporating this feature now keeps you on the cutting edge.

What we like: The logos of Float’s existing customers are clearly displayed on the homepage to further a sense of trustworthiness for new users.

19. Save

30 Financial Website Designs to Inspire You (21)

When it comes to design, make the most of simple shapes and icons. Let’s turn to Save as an example.

Save is an app that helps users manage savings and investments to achieve higher returns. When asking for referrals, the company uses a very simple layout. Each step is in a circle with an arrow and numbers denoting order.

Instead of a boring list, simple shapes help the information look both more appealing and easier to follow.

What we like: The website makes it very easy for users to get started by creating an account or ordering a wealth card.

20. SpaceFund

30 Financial Website Designs to Inspire You (22)

SpaceFund is a venture capital firm that invests in a diversified portfolio of space companies. The website offers users a wide range of features and resources, including a stock screener, portfolio tracker, and real-time quotes.

If your website relies on real-time market data, make sure that you find a way to incorporate it onto your website. SpaceFund includes up-to-date portfolio information that visitors can download with ease.

What we like: The homepage is super sharp and makes a dramatic impact, but important information and CTAs appear instantly on scrolling.

21. My Cashline

30 Financial Website Designs to Inspire You (23)

My Cashline provides fast business loans in the U.K. The website is clean and modern, with a simple layout that makes it easy to navigate. The combination of a white backdrop with pops of color ensures important messaging and CTAs stand out.

What we like: The homepage features a slider with information about the different loan types on offer and clear links to the site’s different sections.

22. Zopa

30 Financial Website Designs to Inspire You (24)

Zopa is an online bank with a beautiful website and mobile app. The website contains a video reel in the homepage hero to engage users instantly. It looks professional and trustworthy but with a fresh, modern design.

As soon as the page loads, visitors are presented with a number of CTAs up front. This signals exactly how potential customers can interact with the site. Further, there’s no need to search for CTA information.

What we like: A chat window opens automatically on the homepage with clear chat options to help users on their journey.

23. Trading 212

30 Financial Website Designs to Inspire You (25)

Trading 212 is an investment platform and mobile app where users can buy and trade stock. The website design uses clear branding and unique icons to make the brand stand out from the crowd.

That all starts with the company’s banner image. Instead of superimposing the app on a picture of a real phone, the company chose a more playful artist rendering. If users hover over the image it moves, creating an extra layer of interactivity.

What we like: The homepage contains screenshots of the app in action, so visitors can get a preview of how it all works.

24. JPMorgan Chase

30 Financial Website Designs to Inspire You (26)

JPMorgan Chase is an established and well-known institution, and their website is well-designed and highly informative. This site also puts people front and center.

By using images of families, office workers, and its employees, the financial institution signals that its offerings are people-centric. Further, the site displays diversity. Anyone who visits the site can see themselves banking with JPMorgan Chase.

What we like: The homepage hero contains a scrolling gallery with CTAs for various report and brochure downloads.

25. Evertas

30 Financial Website Designs to Inspire You (27)

Evertas is the world’s first crypto insurance company, and their site makes the brand’s connection to Web3 clear. How? They include NFT images across the home page.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so make sure the imagery you feature is intimately related to the work that you do. This is especially true in the Web3 space. Use your home page as a way to make your offering tangible.

What we like: Only one image on the page moves. The rest are static. This prevents visitors from being overwhelmed.

26. CIBC

30 Financial Website Designs to Inspire You (28)

The CIBC website is modern and user-friendly with easy access to account logins and offers right from the homepage. The website makes good use of the well-known bank branding through imagery and color to provide a consistent user experience.

What we like: The homepage features a rotating banner with a search bar and quick links to popular pages.

27. Allica

30 Financial Website Designs to Inspire You (29)

Allica Bank is a U.K. bank for businesses and their website communicates their value proposition with simplicity and clarity. To keep its home page interactive, the site makes use of hover-related animations.

When a visitor puts their mouse over a block with more information, the cell changes color. This provides an engaging visual effect, and lets users know exactly where their cursor is.

What we like: The homepage hero features a background video to showcase the bank’s target audience and provide a human touch.

28. Zip

30 Financial Website Designs to Inspire You (30)

Zip’s website includes a blog that offers articles on various financial topics. The pieces are well-written and provide valuable information for users. The website also has a forum where users can ask questions and receive expert answers.

What we like: Upon entering the website, users must choose their region from a simple list so they get the most relevant information when they click.

29. Atom Bank

30 Financial Website Designs to Inspire You (31)

The use of color on the Atom website is eye-catching and makes the site stand out from other financial websites. If you take a look at color psychology, purple is also used to donate wealth and royalty — which is extra fitting for a financial services site.

What we like: The site loads quickly and is responsive, which is essential for a good user experience.

30. SwissBorg

30 Financial Website Designs to Inspire You (32)

SwissBorg uses striking design and colors to make an impact. It features screenshots of the app so users can better understand the value proposition, and the links to download the app are prominently displayed.

What we like: The homepage uses lots of micro animations, such as the site logo and product screenshots, to provide an engaging user experience.

As an enthusiast with a deep understanding of website design, particularly in the context of financial institutions, I've explored various elements that contribute to creating effective and visually appealing online platforms. Drawing from my own experiences and expertise, I can confidently discuss each concept mentioned in the provided article.

  1. Visual Appeal: This refers to the attractiveness of a website's design. Elements such as color schemes, typography, imagery, and layout contribute to the overall visual appeal. Examples from the article include the use of vibrant colors and striking design by SwissBorg and Atom Bank, and the clean and modern design of Allica Bank's website.

  2. Navigation: Ease of navigation is crucial for ensuring a positive user experience. Clear navigation menus, intuitive layouts, and prominent CTAs (Call to Actions) help users find the information they need efficiently. Notable examples include Consensys' overlaid menu for easy navigation and the clear CTAs featured on Bilt Rewards and My Cashline websites.

  3. Content: Valuable content is essential for engaging visitors and providing them with relevant information. Financial websites often include educational resources, blog posts, and interactive tools. Examples from the article include Paytient's use of dictionary imagery to explain its services and 3Commas' interactive tools for managing crypto portfolios.

  4. Trustworthiness and Reliability: Financial institutions need to convey trust and reliability through their website design. This can be achieved through professional design elements, social proof, and transparent communication of services. Examples include Bank of America's clear presentation of financial services and JPMorgan Chase's use of diverse imagery to connect with a wide audience.

  5. Interactivity: Interactive elements enhance user engagement and make the website more dynamic. This can include animations, sliders, interactive timelines, and chat features. Examples from the article include Yuga's interactive timeline, CyberCube's use of icons and art to represent services, and Zopa's chat window for user assistance.

  6. Mobile Responsiveness: With the increasing use of mobile devices, it's essential for websites to be optimized for mobile viewing. Responsive design ensures that the website functions well across different screen sizes and devices. Examples like Zopa's beautiful website and mobile app highlight the importance of mobile optimization.

  7. Branding: Consistent branding across the website helps reinforce the institution's identity and messaging. This includes using brand colors, logos, and imagery that align with the institution's overall branding strategy. Examples from the article include Citigroup's use of vibrant colors and imagery, and Allica Bank's hover-related animations that maintain brand consistency.

By integrating these concepts effectively, financial institutions can create websites that not only attract visitors but also convey trustworthiness, provide valuable resources, and ultimately contribute to the institution's success in the digital age.

30 Financial Website Designs to Inspire You (2024)
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