29 Adorable Valentine’s Day Boxes (2024)

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When I was in elementary school, one of my favorite things to do each year was to make and decorate Valentine’s Boxes. It was a lot of fun for my friends and me. As we got into the older grades (4th, 5th, and 6th), we had competitions and voted on who made the best boxes. And because this was before the day of readily available internet, we did have to come up with the Valentine’s Box ideas on our own.

If I remember right, one yearI made a refrigerator that the giver had to open to put their Valentines on its shelf. Another year I made a toilet Valentine’s Box and the giver had to flush the Valentine down it by pressing the handle (crude I know). And finally, another year I made a mailbox (not as creative or weird as the first two)!

Well today with the internet readily available and so many creative peoplesharing their ideas, I saw many awesome Valentine’s Boxes online. Many are just as cute as they are creative. I’ve gathered up29 to spark your Valentine-Box Creativity. Enjoy.

  1. Cute Monster Valentine Box– My 9-year-old made this all by herself. It turned out so cute and only takes a few supplies that are inexpensive and easy to find.

29 Adorable Valentine’s Day Boxes (2)

2.Unicorn Valentine Card Box – This is a pretty cute Valentine box that your kids will love.

29 Adorable Valentine’s Day Boxes (3)

3. Happy Camper Valentine Card Box – using acrylic paints, cardboard scraps, Mod Podge and lots of paper scraps to create a fun card holder.

29 Adorable Valentine’s Day Boxes (4)

4.Hello Kitty Valentine Mail Box – This is so simple to make with your little one.

29 Adorable Valentine’s Day Boxes (5)

5.Safari Valentine Card Box – is a fun and easy project that will put a little adventure into this love filled season!

29 Adorable Valentine’s Day Boxes (6)

6.Lady Bug Valentine Card Box – inexpensive and fun to create.

29 Adorable Valentine’s Day Boxes (7)

7.Frog Prince Valentine Card Holder – you and your children will have fun creating your own frog prince to take to class parties.

29 Adorable Valentine’s Day Boxes (8)

8.Suitcase Valentine Card Box – Inexpensive and earth friendly. Turn leftover cereal boxes into cute Valentine boxes.

29 Adorable Valentine’s Day Boxes (9)

9.Bumble Bee Valentine’s Day Box – Inexpensive and easy to make.

29 Adorable Valentine’s Day Boxes (10)

10.Circus Valentine Box – Get creative and have fun doing it.

29 Adorable Valentine’s Day Boxes (11)

11.Star Wars Darth Vader Valentine Box – making this Darth Vader Valentine box is actually quite easy.

29 Adorable Valentine’s Day Boxes (12)

12.Owl Valentines Box – Super simple and inexpensive.

29 Adorable Valentine’s Day Boxes (13)

13.Minion Valentine Box – Recycle a large plastic container and turn it into a Purple Minion Valentine box.

29 Adorable Valentine’s Day Boxes (14)

14.Valentine Monster Box – This cute little monster game is perfect for your kids.

29 Adorable Valentine’s Day Boxes (15)

15.Pokeball Valentine Box – This recycled Pokeball Valentine box is made from items you already have laying around. Whip it up in time for your child’s party.

29 Adorable Valentine’s Day Boxes (16)

16.Girlie Valentine’s Box – This pretty-in-pink Valentine’s Day box is the perfect accessory for your little girl.

29 Adorable Valentine’s Day Boxes (17)

17.Birdhouse Valentine Box – This is an adorable creation that will delight your kids.

29 Adorable Valentine’s Day Boxes (18)

18.DIY Valentine’s Mailbox – This super fun DIY Valentine’s Mailbox not only safely transports the cards to school but is the perfect way to collect cards from friends and classmates as well.

29 Adorable Valentine’s Day Boxes (19)

19.Red and Glitter Valentine’s Box – This pretty Valentine’s box is so simple to make for your little one.

29 Adorable Valentine’s Day Boxes (20)

20.Frozen Valentine Mailbox – If your little girl is a fan of the Frozen film, she will love this Valentine’s box.

29 Adorable Valentine’s Day Boxes (21)

21.Hot Air Balloon Valentine’s Day Box – This DIY Valentine’s Day box is sure to make your child’s heart soar!

29 Adorable Valentine’s Day Boxes (22)

22.Tractor Valentine’s Day Box – Simple DIY for any tractor-loving boys in your life.

29 Adorable Valentine’s Day Boxes (23)

23.Cupid Mailbox – This is a very easy craft that turns into a fun activity for toddlers and preschoolers.

29 Adorable Valentine’s Day Boxes (24)

24.Superman Valentine Card Box – A red cape makes this valentine box super cute!

29 Adorable Valentine’s Day Boxes (25)

25.Crocodile Valentine Box – This Crocodile Valentine Box doesn’t require very many supplies and can actually used a lot of recycled materials found around the house.

29 Adorable Valentine’s Day Boxes (26)

26.Butterfly Valentine’s Day Mailbox– This butterfly Valentine’s Day mailbox is not only adorable but it’s simple to make. Plus with those big heart doilies and red and pink colors it screams Valentine’s Day!

29 Adorable Valentine’s Day Boxes (27)

27.Rubik’s Cube Valentine Box– This adorable rubick’s cube valentine box was constructed from a cardboard box and craft foam.

29 Adorable Valentine’s Day Boxes (28)

28.Cupcake Valentine box – This is quick and easy to make.

29 Adorable Valentine’s Day Boxes (29)

29.DIY Valentine’s Day Mailbox – This is a fun and creative box for receiving Valentine cards from special friends!

29 Adorable Valentine’s Day Boxes (30)

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29 Adorable Valentine’s Day Boxes (31)

29 Adorable Valentine’s Day Boxes (2024)


What are the categories for the Valentine box contest? ›

The categories are Most Valentine-y, Most Beautiful, Most Original, Most Effort, Most Humorous, Cutest, Most Creative, and Honorable Mention.

What is a Valentine's Day box? ›

A Valentine Box is simply a decorated box for kids to hold their Valentine's cards as they collect them from friends at class parties. They are typically homemade and customized to things each child has an interest in.

How to do the Valentine's challenge? ›

Adopt a Food Shelf. Make filling your dedicated food shelf box a monthly family tradition. Continue the challenge! Brainstorm a new list of small acts of kindness and keep up the habit of daily or weekly acts of service.

How many boxes are sold on Valentine's day? ›

Approximately 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are sold each year.

How to make cute Valentine boxes? ›

Heart Sticker Valentine's Box

All you need is a shoebox and some heart-shaped stickers to create this eye-catching box. After cutting a slit into the top of the box, cover the top and bottom with pink paper. Then it's sticker time!

How do you make a cute Valentines basket? ›

Spa basket: Fill a basket with relaxing bath items, like bath salts, bubble bath, and scented candles, along with a soft towel and robe. Food basket: Put together a basket of gourmet treats, like chocolates, wine, cheese, and crackers, for a romantic dinner at home.

How do you make a Valentine box out of a shoebox? ›

To make: Cut a slit in the top of a shoebox, then cover the top and bottom of the box with pink paper. Then cover it with heart-shaped stickers.

What 3 colors represent Valentine's Day? ›

Pink, red, and white are the colors associated with Valentine's Day, and the shelves in supermarkets, stores, and gift shops are flooded with items in these colors.

Who made the first Valentine's box? ›

Heart-Shaped Boxes of Chocolates: Richard Cadbury, son of Cadbury founder John Cadbury, created 'fancy' boxes of chocolates to increase sales. He used drawings of his family and Alpine scenes to decorate them. In 1861, he created the first heart-shaped box of chocolates for Valentine's Day.

How to make a ninja Valentine box? ›

Step 1: Cut a slot in the top of the shoe box (for Valentine's)then wrap the box in lime green duct tape. Step 2: Wrap the black duct tape around the box like a belt. Step 3: Finish belt with black flaps. Step 4: Print and tape down eyes and name.

What is the category of Valentine's day? ›

Valentine's Day
TypeChristian, romantic, cultural, commercial observance
SignificanceFeast day of Saint Valentine; the celebration of love and affection
ObservancesSending greeting cards and gifts, dating, church services, novenas
5 more rows

What are the different types of valentines? ›

The 11 types of Valentine's Day every woman has had
  • The Primary School Valentine's Day. ...
  • The 'very, very single' Valentine's Day. ...
  • The 'smug and in love' Valentine's Day. ...
  • The 'desperate to dump your S/O' Valentine's Day. ...
  • The 'just been dumped' Valentine's Day. ...
  • The 'I hate everyone' Valentine's Day. ...
  • The Galentine's Day.
Feb 4, 2018

How do you organize a Valentine event? ›

35 Cute Valentine's Day Party Ideas Adults Will Love
  1. Candle Making. Host a candle making party with friends, family or a romantic partner. ...
  2. Pajama Party. ...
  3. Make a co*cktail inspired by... ...
  4. Favorite Things Party. ...
  5. Wine and Chocolate Party. ...
  6. Rose Petal Ice Cubes. ...
  7. Play Valentine's Day Trivia. ...
  8. Pink and Red Charcuterie Board.
Jan 4, 2024

What is Valentine week celebration list? ›

Valentine's Week Days wise importance
  • 7 February – Rose Day (Wednesday) ...
  • 8 February – Propose Day (Thursday) ...
  • 9 February – Chocolate Day (Friday) ...
  • 10 February – Teddy Day (Saturday) ...
  • 11 February – Promise Day (Sunday) ...
  • 12 February – Hug Day (Monday) ...
  • 13 February – Kiss Day (Tuesday) ...
  • 14 February – Valentine's Day (Wednesday)
Feb 27, 2024

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